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Professional trading on crypto exchanges. We guarantee the income not less then 35% per year







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About Us

Erman Fund in cryptoeconomics

Professional trading on crypto exchanges. We guarantee the income not lessthen 35% per year.
Choose the tariff you like and enjoy the annuel profit.
We do not have access to withdrow your funds on the exchange. Trading
works on API.

Erman Fund is a conglomerate of knowledge and technologies in the world of crypto-currency investment.
Understanding the importance of what we do for the community, the uniqueness of our technologies, the stability of cooperation and the full support of investors are the main advantages of Erman Fund, which confidently creates a secure future for its customers right now.

We work with crypto exchanges

Our Tariffs


Profit 35%
per year

$35 per month


Profit 50%
per year

$50 per month


Profit 100%
per year

$100 per month


Profit 120%
per year

$120 per month

Our advantages


We do not have access to your deposit on the crypto-exchange. Opening and closing orders is done by API.

Day and night

We earn money for you day and night. Updating of the balance in the personal cabinet takes place every 60 minutes.

Full privacy

We do not know who you are, we do not have any reliable information about you. So we will not tell anyone.


We have a great experience of crypto-trading. More than 3 years of experience in the market of crypto-currencies and mining.

Our Team

We work with crypto for many years

Sergio Fokin
Crypto Trader
Daniil Morozov
Dmitriy Afanasiev

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